Kamis, 29 November 2012

Learning English for most of us is still something that is very difficult. Many have claimed to have attended various English language but not get the desired results. Some of the advertisements that ensures there 3 months or 6 months guaranteed fluent. If not, the money back. This is of course misleading. They just take advantage of the desire most people who wants almost instantaneous without even trying. You know, the experts teaching English anywhere in the world will not guarantee that because it is impossible. There is also a feeling that he was not gifted in learning English. Though no English hubungannnya with talent. The proof they are living in a day-to-day English language, can speak English easily while feeling no talent. Anyway where you know that you have no talent if it has not been studied in earnest.
Actually there are two ways this can be achieved if you want to speak English fluently. The first is taking a course. The second independent study. Join the English language does not have to spend a little. But the benefits you will be guided by a teacher who usually understand how learning English is good and right. Mistakes You can also be improved so that you know where the mistakes you make.
Meanwhile, if the self-study, cost-efficient benefits. But you do not have friends who will fix your error. The greatest difficulty is that you do not know where to start from and what needs to be learned to master the English language. Here are some tips that you can use to start learning English independently or self-taught.
In English there are four basic skills that must be mastered Listening (Listening / listening), Speaking (Speaking), Reading (Reading) and Writing (Writing). Meanwhile, additional knowledge is Grammar (Grammar) and Vocabulary (Vocabulary). So you can start from fourth on the skills and knowledge. How to take advantage of cheap media to master the above?
We start from Listening (listening). First media that you can use a CD or cassette learning English there in the bookstore. Follow the prompts and learning seriously. If you think it's expensive, you can start by listening to English-language radio or television. If not possible, you can download it from the internet. BBC London website provides learning facilities for free listening complete with transcript. Or just type it in Google, you'll find hundreds if not thousands of sites that provide free learning listening. Bottom line, nothing is impossible in cyberspace.
Another way that I recommend is to listen to English songs while watching the lyrics or sing along with the singer. A song is a song suitable for studying the pronunciation is clear. For example, the songs of The Beatles, Bee Gees, Westlife, etc.. Learn English through songs will make you feel comfortable because there is no pressure. Your vocabulary will grow by accident when you want to understand the meaning of a song. Usually the way to understand such vocabulary is better than you have to memorize 5 words every day but never use the word. The song also helped pronunciation utter a word because that is the original speakers so you know exactly what a word is supposed to be pronounced. Moreover, the song and the lyrics can you search the internet for free.
Next is through the medium of film. Buy a drama movie that you like on DVD. When you turn the first time, use the Indonesian subtitle to understand the story. At the second screening using the English subtitles in order to understand how a word is pronounced. And on the third play, watch the film without subtitles. Try to understand what is said in the film. It takes time indeed. But trust me you will be trained in listening and speaking even simultaneously. So while enjoying the entertainment, you also learn English.
The second skill that must be mastered is Speaking (Speech). These core skills because of the talk we will know if someone is really master a language or not. Speaking for most people considered the most skill ignite as it covers many aspects of the English language including pronunciation (pronunciation), listening, grammar and vocabulary as well. But really all you need is a little courage and a great motivation to be able to speak English fluently.
If possible, you can follow the conversation classes in many courses close to where you live. There you will be guided by a tutor so that you become good speaking skills. But it turned out to be not enough courses. You need to practice a lot outside of the course. And this is the key to speaking skills. Practice, practice and practice. Practice makes perfect. So says a phrase.

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